Smart Card World - one of the largest smart card production lines in North America

Welcome to Smart Card World.

We are one of the leading smart card manufacturers, our production operation and process is certified under ISO9001-2 which is recognized throughout the world. Quality and service were the principles on which our company was established and the reason for it's continued success today!

Our company was established in 1991 by a group of experts with experience in the area of smart card industry. We have the latest technology for production of smart cards. Our products and production lines are fully complied with the effective ISO standards:

  • ISO9001-2 Accreditation for quality procedures
  • ISO7816-1, Physical characteristics
  • ISO7816-2, Dimensions and locations of contacts
  • ISO7816-3&4, Standard Communications
  • ISO14443-A, B Standard high speed communication

    We are experts in this field, and have devoted 100% of our efforts to producing a card unmatched in quality and pricing. Our customers can get the best prices without going through the middle men. Whether you need blank cards or printed cards, Smart Card World can always fulfill your needs and we are here for you. Reach out to us and discover the company that thousands of customers have used for years!

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